Tuesday, 31 May 2016

AirDog – Auto – take after automaton for GoPro Camera

Flying photography is picking up prominence among the great games partners. Today is exceptionally regular needing to film video of stunning aerobatics with bicycles, surf sheets, and whatever other action. I'm not going to mislead you. I got really energized the first occasion when I thought about this device. I believe it's the ideal apparatus for the individuals who affection to film their most stunning enterprises and accomplishments.

AirDog is the most straightforward to work ramble since you needn't bother with any RC steering aptitudes. The automaton flies all alone and the main thing you need to do is to set the auto-take after component and the separation you need it to be far from you, and that is it. Presently is simply an issue of having some good times and AirDog will deal with the rest.

TAirDoghis quad is truly protected and worked to last. There are zero difficulties to work it since its programming deals with that. The flight is truly steady and the video tells the truth and in full HD, since it is caught utilizing a GoPro camera (sold independently).

The operational roof of this gadget is of 4,300 meters (14,000 feet over the ocean level), and the separation at which you can work it is of 300 meters (1000 feet).

The flight time you get with AirDog is of 10 – 20 minutes, contingent upon the rate at which it works, and the battery is completely charged following 1 hour of being stopped. On the off chance that for any reason you don't see the battery is running purge despite everything you're doing your thing, AirDog will it is possible that (this relies on upon your inclination and can be modified by the client in a simple route) about-face to the spot where it took off or arrive where it is with the goal that you don't need to stress over that. The arrival will be protected and you'll have the capacity to discover it utilizing the GPS framework that reports to the application you can introduce on your PDA or cell phone.

The one thing you need to think about AirDog is that it's not yet discharged for large scale manufacturing, but rather you can pre-request it by going to the site and be one of the principal cheerful proprietors of this. first bunch is sold out, however second cluster is open and you can hope to get it for Q2 of 2015. As of this composition the cost is of $1,295 USD and the delivery is free.
Link Source: http://rchelicop.com

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